I'm teaching cinema cameras at the Austin School of Film!
  • Travis Ward

I'm teaching cinema cameras at the Austin School of Film!

If you find yourself at the Austin School of Film website, you may notice there is a new Cinema Cameras class offered in September:

My new Intro to Cinema Cameras class, available for signup at the Austin School of Film.

And I am teaching it! I'm honored to be the instructor of this class/workshop. We'll be focusing on Blackmagic Design and RED cinema cameras, covering:

  • What to look out for during rental prep

  • Firmware versions and updates

  • Lens mount options

  • Common methods for troubleshooting in the field

  • Basic rigging

  • Differences between cinema and consumer/prosumer cameras

  • And more!

One subject I want to spend some time on is what "cinema camera" means to you. I think there can be a lot of "gear addiction" in the video production world and striving for the "cinematic" image is a large part of this. We'll discuss and workshop ideas on what it means to be cinematic, as well as how or why these cameras are more cinematic than others.

The Austin School of Film is a pretty amazing resource, one that I wish I had utilized more earlier in my career. They have fun classes, great instructors (I'm biased, as I know a few of them through work), and work hard to develop a community, something that is actually kinda rare in Austin. There isn't much of a centralized film community here, despite all the video/film production work, and ASOF is a bright spot in this environment.

If you are interested in this class, or video/audio production in general, check out the Austin School of Film!

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