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Make a music video that sets you apart.

Music videos help artists give a portrait of their personality to the world. They're a chance to show another level of creativity through creative, unique, and compelling visuals and story.

We work with a wide range of artists and budgets. A lot of new artists are intimidated by the cost of professional music videos, but limitations can lead to creativity. We'd love to hear your idea and figure out how to make it a reality!

I've listed some sample client problems that are easily solved by an Instructional Video customized for you. Do any of these resonate with you?

I've listed some sample concerns that artists have about music video production and reach. Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Are you worried you don't have the budget for a good music video? Too often, artists forget that a music video doesn't have to be complicated to be memorable. We can help you break down the needs of your video and figure out what's possible for you.

  • Have you made music videos in the past that turned out poorly? We think it's important to flesh out the concept and ideas (via planning meetings/project management, storyboards, and proposal sign-off) with all our clients. Pre-production is so critical to making a good music video (especially on a budget), it's a required part of our process.

  • Have your past music videos failed to increase your reach? Great music videos seen by no one don't help you. We'll make sure you understand the best way to distribute or market your new music video!

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